Tulip Poplar

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Tulip Poplar LeafThe inner bark can be used as a heart tonic, and a substitution for malaria when combined with dogwood and black cherry bark. One of the greatest benefits is the aid it gives in regulating the digestive system. It will aid in metabolizing food and giving an appetite. It is an astringent and will aid with dysentery. In turn these properties aid in general with upset stomachs.



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BonesetMost common uses in history is for flu and fevers. It is astringent, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, an antioxidant, a decongestant, mild muscle relaxer, and in large doses it can be a laxative. Historically it has not only been used for influenza but also for malaria and mosquito borne diseases. While it does raise body temperature and break fevers it is most famous for its use on dengue fever.


Plantago Major

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plantainAlso commonly known as Plantain or called Broadleaf Plantain. Chemical constituents are aucubin (anti-microbial), allantoin (cell growth and tissue regeneration), and mucilate (pain reliever). Studies have shown a wide range of effects including wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, weak antibiotic and it is antiviral.



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mulleinMullien or Verbascum can be commonly used for: chest colds, asthma, expectorant, demulcent, antispasmodic, diuretic,bronchitis, coughs, kidney infections,tuberculosis, ulcers, tumors, hemorrhoids. Science confirms it has expectorant and is strongly anti-inflammatory, also antiviral against herpes simplex and influenza viruses.



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goldenrodGoldenrod or Solidago, is styptic and astringent thus it aids to stop bleeding. It is good for most cuts whereas Yarrow is preferable for deeper cuts but an also help with internal bleeding. It is anti-fungal and can be used for things such as ringworm and athletes foot. It is anti-inflammatory and will reduce swelling and has also been used to reduce pain. It is a diuretic and can be used to increase urine flow.



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Yarrow PlantAchillea Millefolium or known by the common name Yarrow is considered by many as a common weed. This herb can be good for many medicinal uses. It is exceptionally good for deep cuts rather than shallow cuts or abrasions. It is styptic so it will aid in stopping bleeding. The wound can be packed with Yarrow in the form of a poultice. It is a 3rd degree cooling plant.

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