Clayton Webb

My History Did Not Begin Here

This Site Is A Historical Fiction Novel

This fiction story is ghost written without the authors name presented. The story begins with Clay being transported back in time to the period of Noah after the flood. At present it reaches to the time of Abraham with plans of continuing the story until the period of the New Testament.

With this in mind, no permission is given to anyone to reproduce this material without obtaining permission from the author. claynomad01@gmail.com

The novel is divided into different “blog posts”. These can be chapters or breaks in the story where it was fitting. It is an ongoing development where more story content is added every week to two weeks until completion.

For now, simply click on read my story and begin at the first post and then continue from there to the next.

About Clayton Webb

I was born and raised in Tennessee. My mother was strict and very religious. By the age of 16 I was an atheist. After my father abandoned us I decided I would have nothing to do with God.

After receiving a degree in archeology and anthropology I thought my life would be set. I found myself in a divorce, losing my kids, my home, and my life.

In 2065 everything changed. The event happened which changed my life. Are you curious about the date 2065? That would grab most peoples attention. I may explain more on that later for no one believes time travel is possible. This is my story. Make of it what you will.

Nomadic Walk

The Life Of Clayton Webb

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